Canada, May & June 2013

A monumental trip in the spring of 2013, to fulfil a long held dream of seeing American Wood Warblers on spring migration.  We started in Toronto, worked our way down the migrant traps on the north shore of Lake Erie, including Long Point and Point Pelee. Then we flew west, stayed in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, before taking camper vans around the Rockies. As we took our 18 month and 3 year old daughters along, it was a busy time, hence the lack of written words! We were also joined by Richard Campey and his family for the British Columbia section and the Rockies. One of the trips of my life.

Canada: Some city birds


Canada: Long Point, Ontario


Canada: Rondeau Provincial Park, Onatario


Canada: some Wood Warblers


Canada: some Swallows


Canada: some eastern birds


Canada: some western birds


Canada: some other animals


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