Otmoor: 17th May

I made a brief visit to Otmoor this morning, with only enough time to scan Big Otmoor for waders. The overnight rain had continued and was torrential at times. I set up my ‘scope and scanned the rear pool of Big Otoor and immediately my viewfinder was full of waders. This is how it should be! 7 summer plumaged Dunlin were nice, but it was a glowing white Sanderling that stood out, complete with black legs and thick black bill. With 3 Sanderling at Rushey Common yesterday and 3 at Farmoor and 1 at Grimsbury Reservoir the day before, it looks as if small numbers are passing through the county at the moment, presumably grounded by the recent rain.  I also got a brief view of a Black-tailed Godwit (perhaps one of the three present on Monday?) before it disappeared behind one of the islands, never to be seen again. If a wader of that size can go missing, what else might there be at the back of Big Otmoor, between the islands?

I am never ceased to be amazed at the detail modern cameras can capture. Taking record shots of calidris waders at that distance in the rain is probably a form of photographic madness, but you can make out the Sanderling in with the Dunlin… if you squint just a little:

It would have been good to have had another hour or so this morning, although I was saturated after 45 minutes. It felt like there should be more good birds waiting to be found on the reserve.

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